2014+ Porsche Macan - Interior Door Sills Macan Inlay VinylMod Overlay (2pcs)

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Enhance and Protect Your Porsche Macan's Door Sills

Bring both protection and style to your 2014+ Porsche Macan with VinylMod's Interior Door Sills Macan Inlay Overlays. Designed specifically for Porsche enthusiasts, these overlays are the perfect combination of functionality and elegance.

Comprehensive Protection with a Stylish Touch

Our Door Sills Inlay Overlays are not just about aesthetics; they provide essential protection for your door sills. They guard against scuffs and wear, ensuring your Macan's door sills remain in pristine condition under a layer of stylish protection.

Premium Quality for a Luxurious Look

Crafted from high-grade vinyl, these overlays are durable and long-lasting. They maintain their appearance over time, adding a continuous touch of luxury to your Macan's interior.

Two-Piece Set for a Perfect Fit

This product includes two pieces, one for the right and one for the left door sill, ensuring a perfect fit for your Porsche Macan. The precision design guarantees a seamless integration with your vehicle's interior.

Easy Application for Immediate Enhancement

Installing these overlays is straightforward and transforms the look of your Macan's door sills instantly. They're also easily removable, allowing you to update your vehicle's style as you wish.

Affordable Upgrade for Your Macan

Enhance the luxury of your Porsche Macan with these cost-effective yet impactful door sill overlays. They offer a significant visual improvement, adding an exclusive and elegant feel to your vehicle at an affordable price.

Tailored for the Porsche Macan Aficionado

These overlays are specially designed for Porsche Macan owners who value both performance and aesthetics. They reflect your commitment to luxury and quality, enhancing every aspect of your driving experience.

Why Choose VinylMod?

Choose VinylMod for unmatched quality and design. Our commitment to Porsche Macan owners is evident in every product, including these Interior Door Sills Macan Inlay Overlays, ensuring satisfaction in both style and functionality.


  • 2014+ Porsche Macan

** This product is a vinyl overlay. Emblem sold separately.


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Installation guide can be found here.

Recommended to install VinylMod only when temperature is cool such as during the morning or when sun is setting and not during direct sunlight.  

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