Installation Guide

We have a few simple steps for installation, ensuring that you get a perfect experience with every VinylMod Overlay®.

  1. Clean the area to be applied with the alcohol cleaning pad provided.
  2. Prepare the VinylMod Overlay® by firmly rubbing your finger over the clear transfer tape.
  3. Peel the white paper backing off the VinylMod Overlay® slowly and carefully.
  4. Line up your VinylMod Overlay® to the area of application. Apply firm pressure over VinylMod Overlay®
  5. Slowly peel off the clear transfer tape at an angle, being careful not to pull off the VinylMod Overlay® in the process. If the VinylMod Overlay® lifts up, gently place the clear transfer tape back on and apply pressure over the lifted area.
  6. Take a step back, and enjoy your new VinylMod.

If you made any mistakes during this process, and your VinylMod Overlay® becomes unusable, feel free to contact one of our VinylMod Customer Representatives using our online chat or email

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