2012+ Subaru BRZ - Rear Subaru and BRZ Combo

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Transform Your Subaru BRZ with Rear Emblem Combo Overlays

Take your 2012+ Subaru BRZ to the next level with VinylMod's Rear Subaru and BRZ Combo Overlays. Perfect for BRZ enthusiasts, these overlays are designed to add a unique touch to both the Subaru and BRZ emblems.

Dual Style and Protection

Our combo overlays not only enhance the look of your BRZ's rear emblems but also provide a protective layer against wear and environmental damage, keeping your emblems looking new and stylish.

Quality Material for Longevity

Crafted from high-grade vinyl, these overlays are built to last. They maintain their appearance over time, ensuring your BRZ's emblems stay protected and visually appealing for years.

Effortless Application for a Striking Look

Applying these overlays is simple and quick, offering an immediate visual upgrade to your BRZ. They're also easily removable, allowing for flexibility in changing your vehicle's style.

Cost-Effective, Impactful Customization

Get a significant visual enhancement without a hefty price tag. Our Rear Subaru and BRZ Combo Overlays offer an affordable way to personalize your Subaru BRZ, adding a sophisticated and coordinated look.

Designed for the Subaru BRZ Aficionado

These overlays are ideal for those who appreciate the finer details and want to showcase their love for the Subaru BRZ. They add a layer of elegance and individuality, reflecting your personal taste and passion for your vehicle.

Choose VinylMod for Unmatched Quality

At VinylMod, we're committed to enhancing your Subaru BRZ experience with top-quality, stylish products. Our Rear Subaru and BRZ Combo Overlays are a testament to our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

** This product is a vinyl overlay. Emblem sold separately.


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