Tint Installation Guide

Our Tints are made with top-quality material with air-release technology to reduce the chance of bubbles.  Please follow the steps below to ensure a flawless installation:

  1. Clean the surface to remove any oils, wax and other surface contaminants. You can use the isopropyl alcohol pads provided to clean the surface properly.
  2. Peel the backing from the vinyl to expose the adhesive. Make sure the tint is applied to the surface quickly to limit the chance of dust and other particles from sticking to the surface. Our air-release tint is a dry application film, no installation fluid is needed.
  3. Apply the film to target surface. With a soft squeegee or glove, remove any air trapped in the adhesive by carefully pressing it out. If you encounter creases or wrinkles, simply heat the film, re-position and apply. If the vinyl is not sticking, use heat and press the film into position. If you’ve stretched the film, heat the film after it’s been applied to erase memory in the film and to ensure no shrinkage.